3D Hourglass Deep Sea Sandscape

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Color: Blue

Size: 7 Inch

Captivating sand art to decorate your home! Watching the flowing sand slowly form a landscape map with each turn!

It’s the perfect piece to add to any decor, to put on any desktop or furniture, in your home or office. It’s guaranteed to amaze your guests and to start conversations. Featuring a round 3D glass frame with quicksand that is constantly moving and displaying different landscapes, this piece helps to relax and de-stress. It's a perfect gift idea for your friends or family.


Make any room or space to be more peaceful and relaxing! Smooth movement of sand relieves stress, relaxes your eyes and increases patience.

Each flip can produce a completely non-repetitive dynamic painting. It is conducive to the development of intelligence and improve mood.

The glass frame is crystal clear and luxurious. The inner frame of the plastic has a strong concave and convex feel. Suitable for living room and bedroom decoration.

Acrylic base: Acrylic material is delicate and thick and can be placed anywhere, such as hotels, restaurants, bars, dance halls, bedrooms, offices and study rooms.

The combined flow of liquid allows each turn to flow smoothly. It is picked up on the table, rotated, and placed horizontally like a photo frame.

Watch the mountains and valleys that form in front of your eyes!


Material: glass, acrylic, quicksand

Surface process: polishing


7 inch - 18x19x4cm

12 inch - 26x27x4.5cm


1. What if the sand isn’t falling or it is falling too quickly?

A: To make finer bubbles, gently shake the Sandscape. The smaller the bubbles, the more dramatic the resulting landscapes.

A: If unused for several weeks, you might have to shake loose the sand by tapping on the glass to get the sand moving again.

2. Do I ever need to add water? What kind of water do I need to use?

A: Yes, maybe once a year. Over time, water will evaporate. We recommend “spring water” as the best water to replenish the evaporated water.

A: Do NOT remove the water from you your Sand Picture. You won’t need to add much water, maybe just a few milliliters. Do not over-fill. The glass can crack from being over-pressured.

3. Will it leak?

A: With proper injector usage and normal handling, the water should not leak. However, a little bit could evaporate through the sealant.

4. Do you get the same creation of sand each time you turn it over?

A: No, each time will be fascinatingly different. Indeed, mesmerizing.