All-Purpose Spiral Slitter

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Too many process by cutting different ingredients?

All-Purpose Spiral Slitter fits most of the vegetables and fruits and can easily cut your ingredients in JUST A TWIST! It is with secure design by hiding slices, you don't have to worry the safety factor of using it. 

The spiral slitter provides anti-slip and secure cover function. With the small and light slitter, you can chop all the ingredients with curly shapes everywhere. Don't hesitate to be  MASTER CHEF!


  • One Twist Cut
    Save your time and effort by cutting different hard vegetables, it JUST SPEND YOU 10 seconds for chopping all the foods!

  • Why not using traditional slitter?
    Compare with traditional one, spiral slitter provides you the clear pieces chopping, hand protection design and odorless material

  • Simple Usage 
    Fix and twist
     the vegetable, cover it and keep pushing to avoid hands contacting slices, strip cutting completed!
  • Highly Secure
    Hide slices, easy handle cover design and slip-proof function
  • High application
    Cooking different delicacies easily, excellent for both beginner and master

  • 100% Safe, non-toxic, durable
    Easy to clean, high quality material, can use for over 3 years


    • Material: ABS
    • Size: 9 x 7.5 cm


    • 1 x All-Purpose Spiral Slitter