12 Holes Seed Starter Trays

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Set: 1 Piece

An easy way to start seeds indoors!

Grow perfect seedlings every time with Seed Starter Tray. Start all your seeds in one kit! Easy-Care, Earth-Friendly Seed Starting Kit — 100% Germination Guaranteed! Grow Your Best Seedlings with our Seed Starter Tray -- Now Organic!


  • With drain hole at bottom of each cell for proper drainage, reduce roots over saturating.
  • Unique Design: High quality clear plastic trays of this seed grow kit make it easy to observe your plants without interrupting the process.
  • 12-pin tray is convenient for everyday use. Use the seed trays for sowing, saving time and effort, the operation is also very convenient.
  • Widely used in flowers, vegetables, fruits, trees, tobacco and other agricultural cultivation.
  • Seeding box facilitates centralized management of the sowing time and is easy to operate.
  • Transparent lid has a moisturizing and moisturizing function that allows you to clearly see the growth process of the seedlings.
  • These trays with 5 cm depth cells are suitable for bottom irrigation. The trays can be stacked for easy storage to save space.
  • Base tray provides the space for excess water draining without plants sitting in water, so you won’t drown your seedlings, gives warmth to the seed bed and balances moisture level.


  • Colors: Green
  • Material: High Quality Plastic
  • Depth Cell: 2.2''
  • Unit Size: 7.4'' x 5.7'' x 4.3''