24 in 1 Ratchet Screwdriver Set

24 pieces of industrial grade S2 chrome molybdenum alloy steel screwdriver bits with continuous heat treatment process. Auxiliary high-precision CNC integrated molding, carburizing and tempering, industrial-grade service life, hard but not brittle, and full of toughness.

5 kinds of screwdriver bits to meet the needs of professional use, home life, work, DIY, and maintenance.

Forged super-hard aluminum alloy, ordinary steel strength, 1/2 light weight; easy-to-identify color ring design, the entrance of the screwdriver head is clearly visible.

Great screwdriver set for repairs and DIY projects!

Comes with 24 screwdriver bits (5 categories) - easily recognizable with color ring design.

Ratchet screwdriver - labor-saving, tighten and loosen a screw without adjusting your grip.

Adjustable handle - adjustable length, magnetic, easy and comfortable grip.

Optional: Comes with 4-12 mm hex bit sockets.

Durable and lightweight.