Invisible Waterproof Glue Anti Leakage Agent

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Value Pack: 30g

Invisible Waterproof Glue Anti Leakage Agent is an ideal choice for household repairs. This transparent adhesive allows for simple application and its precise formula makes it suitable for use on a variety of surfaces. This economical product not only saves you time and effort but also cuts costs.


😃 High-Performance: Our Waterproof Glue is formulated to maintain its structural integrity in both cold and hot conditions, providing superior performance.

🤩 Durable: It boasts anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging properties, making it an ideal choice for waterproofing any surface.

🍃 Eco Friendly: Its biodegradation, solvent-free properties, nontoxicity, odorlessness, and low VOC content make it an eco-friendly product.


  • Controlled formula
  • Impact resistant
  • Solvent-free


Q: Is the Waterproof Glue safe to use?
A: Yes! This glue is comprised of premium MS-modified silane, free of formaldehyde and isocyanate, rendering it non-poisonous and ecologically advantageous.

Q: What kind of surfaces can this glue be used on?
A: The Invisible Waterproof Glue is compatible with a wide variety of surfaces, including cement, steel, ceramic, marble, wood and metal.