Rotating Infuser Teapot

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Set: Full Set Navy

Our beautifully crafted tea set makes the perfect gift for any tea lover! The unique gyro design of the tea maker allows you to rotate the kettle a full 360 degrees without spilling. Tired of "just brewing and pouring" your lovely tea in the same way? Let's try this unique Chinese tea set and find out extra leisure from it. Unlike common teapot set in market, this rotatable teapot set defines a new look of kungfu tea, hold the handle and spin it, as a lazy tea set, you don't have to take the strainer out, enjoy a mixed spiritual sense of gongfu and tea and a special experience tea time with friends.

Multiple Use & Perfect Gift Cup Set: Suitable for brewing different kinds of tea, like black tea, Pu-er, Oolong, Green Tea, and even tea bag. Ideal gifts for tea cravers, household use, office, party, travel, hiking and restaurant use.

Portable: Full set comes in a super trendy bag, bamboo tray, 4 cups and a teapot.

Material: We use high-quality ceramics, fine texture. Traditional ceramic process, after high temperature firing, hard and durable. The tea tray is made of bamboo plate surface and melamine chassis, light and beautiful, not deformed and easy to clean.