Crystal Transparent Kalimba Thumb Piano

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Style: Clear Bear

Enjoy a beautiful sound on your very first attempt with the Crystal Transparent Kalimba Thumb Piano. This instrument is designed for quick learning, so even novice players can sound like professional musicians. Its crystal transparent design offers improved sound projection for a crisp, clear sound.

Experience the joy of making music the easy way with this Crystal Transparent Kalimba Thumb Piano. This high-quality instrument is easy to play, even without any music knowledge. Perfect for novices and musicians alike, just move your thumbs to create beautiful melodies that will brighten your day.

The Crystal Transparent Kalimba Thumb Piano offers a perfect travel companion in a convenient size you can carry with you. Easily transportable, you can bring it anywhere and use it anywhere, indoors or outdoors. The included EVA case provides an extra layer of protection and portability. Imagine playing it at the park, campgrounds, beaches, or in your office. Great for music workshops and a perfect accompaniment to your mindfulness practice.

  • Easy to learn: The keys feature labeled notes, simplifying the learning process. Within 5 minutes, players can start to play a song, making it accessible to novice players of any age.
  • Clear and melodious sounds: Our Kalimbas are expertly tuned to deliver tranquil sounds that will assist in finding inner serenity. These calming tones are also effective in sending babies and animals into a peaceful slumber.
  • High quality crystal: Our Crystal Transparent Kalimba Thumb Piano utilizes high-grade mahogany and has 17 precisely crafted and tuned keys fashioned from tempered steel.
  • Portable: This Kalimba Thumb Piano is conveniently sized, making it easy to transport in a bag and does not take up much room. An excellent option for leisure and travel activities.
  • Perfect gift: The Kalimba provides an excellent present idea for anybody, regardless of age or musical taste. It serves as a distinctive and rewarding gift for all.


  • Material: Crystal
  • Tonality: G
  • Keys: 17 keys
  • Package Weight: 900g/ 2.2lbs

Package Include:

1 x Crystal Transparent Kalimba Thumb Piano